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Showing posts with label dance. Show all posts

Griboz Project - Forbidden sector of the Planet - EP

Griboz Project
Forbidden sector of the Planet EP

Lua Records Label

Artist: Griboz Project
Release: Forbidden sector of the Planet EP
Genre: DarkPsy
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD028
Release Date: 15/03/2013
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 364563424230

About the Artist:
After the first release @ Lua-records Griboz Project didn't stop to be requested to participate in compilations and to collaborate with many other labels and Artists.
His music is charactered by psychedelic sounds and powerful rhythmic constructions creating vibes of dance and mind-blowing hallucinations! 

About the Release:
We are living in a Galactic Sphere on his own.
Between us living Alien creatures who are willing to share they knowledge. Only some humans are able to see and communicate with these creatures.
These Alien creatures are living in a mutate condition and they enter in meditation state by absorbing music sounds.
Griboz Project applies the same principle ideology to this release wile was making it...
Not Only Aliens are absorbing music... reports show that Humans do it too! Humans have learned how to meditate & astral travelling by absorbing sounds and colours as an introduction for meditative states as music has been used to cure and take the mind into many states.
Once into a trance state, the Aliens are put into a very secure part of the planet, a place where no humans never had access.
That place is called The Forbidden sector of the planet!

Dark Psy builds with structured Kaos and anarchy for the delight of the pure psychedelic traveller souls.
Travelling capsules activated to transport you into sounds of psychedelic euphoria create by the hands of an artist who brings alive and pure a music style many times twisted into other different names widen assumption of a marketing trigger of souls.
Griboz Music Is Dark, pure, clean and is here to show you "The Forbidden sector of the Planet"

1) Dark Magnetic Universe
2) Kin dza dza files into space
3) uprising trolls
4) Sector Selector
5) Forest spirit molecule

Booking Artist:
Griboz Project

Limited Edition CD Available only from Lua Records website
Produced by: Griboz Project AKA Andrey Konkov (Russia)
Mastered by: Alienature (UK/ Portugal)
Design by: Andrey Konkov (Russia)
Publish by: Lua Records (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store
Download: Beatport 

Omega Flight - Basketkase (EP)

Omega Flight - Basketkase (EP)

Artist: Omega Flight
Release: Basketkase
Genre: Psy Trance / Full on
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD027
Release Date: 22/02/2013
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 932342787564

About the Artist:
Omega Flight AKA (Derren) has been Djing and Producing electronic music for more than 10 years.
Derren Grew up listening to techno, later in 2004 he found Psytrance and loved the melodies and vibe of the nights.  Omega Flight likes to call his style of music"twilight psytrance" and his influences are based on the many UK and South African artists.
Omega Flight has been playing all around the UK significantly in some Festivals and the party's as: Tribe of Frog, Toadstool, Psyanide, Bassinvaders, Tesla Project, Arti-fact and more...

After some participation in other compilations from Lua Records and; Distant Tremor, Omega Flight is now publishing his official debut on Lua Records entitled "Basketkase EP"  Derren not only performs live shows all around the UK but in the last 4 years he has been creating magical string art and stretch installations at parties and festivals alike as "Ink Junkie" visually melting peoples minds & perceptions.

About the Release:
Basketkase EP describes the free spirit of the artist and it is the Official debut release of Omega Flight on Lua Records.  This EP is counting with the participation of some known psy trance artists as: Xatrix, Twisted Reality and Perfect Pause.  The release has been mastered @ The Stoodio (Bristol) by Colin Bennun Oood.

Omega Flight's music encapsulates the floatiness sometime ethereal quality of psytrance with funky groove is ridden vibes of techno to create a hip wiggling head-nodding time.
Some people call it Full on, some people call it Psy Trance, the artists call it twilight psytrance...
Most people just don't stop to dance to Omega Flight music !!
Omega invites you to Flight into a Basketkase full of good tracks.

1) Omega Flight VS Xatrix - Symbiote
2) Omega Flight VS Twisted Reality - Broken Frequencies
3) Omega Flight - Independance
4) Omega Flight VS Perfect Pause - Bioshocked
5) Omega Flight - The Tick

Booking Artist:
Omega Flight

Limited Edition CD Available only from Lua Records website
Produced by: Omega Flight AKA Derren Nuttall -  (UK)
Mastered by: Colin Bennun Oood@ The Stoodio (Bristol) - (UK)
Design by: Derren Nuttall - (UK)
Participation of:
Xatrik -  (Track 1)
Twisted Reality -  (Track 2)
Perfect Pause -  (Track 4)
Publish by: Lua Records - (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio - (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store - (UK)
Download: Beatport

Emphapsyzer - Psy Cartunes

Emphapsyzer - Psy Cartunes

Artist: Emphapsyzer AKA Nero
Release: Psy Cartunes
Genre: Psy Trance / Full on
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD025
Release Date: 07/07/2012
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 932342 666203

About the artist:
Emphapsyzer AKA NERO first recorded an EP in 2008 @ Lua records label under his own name (NERO = Psychotic Romaniac)
Joao de Menezes Nero AKA Emphapsyzer is a Portuguese who has been producing music for 16 years. His musical influences come from all sorts of styles as it was (and it is) a literate musician himself playing many other instruments as bass, piano and Drums.
Not forgetting the roots of his own music, Emphapsyzer keeps the same funny vibe in his tracks.
in 2010 a new artist named NERO commencing produce Club dance tracks reaching top sales and (Joao NERO) decides to change his Artistic name to Emphapsyzer.

About the release:
Psy Cartunes is a Psy and fun dance release with a very special flavour to sweet the dance floor this summer with smiles and good vibes.
A couple of participations on this release can not be missed on tracks
3 - Control (Emphapsyzer VS Dartchaday)
8 - Shut up (Emphapsyzer VS Toxicnois)
Psytrance & Full on making the dance floor aficionados dance and spread the good vibes with the sounds between the body's in movement and the trance-floor.
Pumping bass lines and psychedelic fresh sounds will make everyone jump and dance with a happy face...
Not a book face but a Cartoon face.
The message is simple and applies to all.
Listen, Dance, Smile & Enjoy!
That's what party is about!

1) Sweet
2) Apples
3) Control (Feat.Dartchaday)
4) Control the world
5) Remote
6) Victory
7) Good Drugs
8 ) Shut up (Feat.Toxicnois)
9) Realize
Total Time: 1:04:34

Limited Edition CD
Produced by: Joao de Menezes Nero  (Portugal)
Mastered by:  Alienature  (UK/ Portugal)
Design by:  Marco Almeida  (Portugal)
Publish by: Lua Records   (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store
Download: Beatport

Q.P.A - Alien Inspiration (EP)

Q.P.A - Alien Inspiration Neo Goa inception (EP) 

Artist: Q.P.A
Release Date: 12/03/2012
Genre: Psy Trance / Neo Goa
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD023
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 932342 867587

About the Release:
The anti-industrial adoption of advanced electronic music technology for the healing of a planet gone insane.
The infinite cosmic party welcomes everybody for a grand experience of unity and peace... forever...
The psychedelic patterns, rhythms and melodies in this sonically detailed production by QPA are inspired by the Goa psytrance music concept. Though, of course, mixed with a good portion of QPA's original sound.
A production is suitable for the festival dance floor, clubs, as well as for listening only.

About the Artists:
When QPA came in contact with the psychedelic subculture it inspired him to investigate its most vital part, namely the music.
He soon discovered that psychedelic trance music represents so much more than what you can hear.
To Qubenzis Psy Audio it represents a symbiosis of nature, technology, spirituality and music.
A kind of electronic shamanism. A high tech Gnostic search for inner self in connection with the Universe at large.
It's all in the music... just dance.
Alien Inspiration / Neo Goa Inception is the third release of  QPA
Not only... Qubenzis Psy Audio has been in music for many years producing other music styles, including samples and loop packs for many artists and own production.

Q.P.A promo banner, Q.P.A promo banner

01) Q.P.A - Spread The Word - 144Bpms
02) Q.P.A - Confirmed Alien - 141Bpms
03) Q.P.A - Another Alien Creature - 144Bpms
04) Q.P.A - Second Inception - 145Bpms
05) Q.P.A - First Drop - 145Bpms
Total time: 39 minutes

Limited Edition CD
Produced by:   Q.P.A  (Spain/Sweden)
Mastered by: Alienature (UK/ Portugal)
Design by: Q.P.A (Spain/Sweden)
Publish by: Lua Records (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store
Download: Beatport 

Forbidden Plant - Deep Puzzle (EP)

Forbidden Plant - Deep Puzzle (EP)

Artist: Forbidden Plant
Release Date: 12/12/2010
Genre: Dark Psy
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD015
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 95647837725

About the Release:
The sound style is based on fat and sometimes groovy basses, use of analogue devices and guitars, spiritual hypnosis generated by intelligent musical structures with a melodic approach. After the duo has launched its first tracks in various compilations, they come this time from Lua records studios to give you a debut EP totally emerged in organic sounds, beats and grooves... lets rock!
This first album (Deep Puzzle) was finalized at the end of October of 2010 and will be out by the English label (Lua records) with mastering and designs of Kabbalien, the main man of Lua records and Trance Moon radios psychedelic orientated radios.

About the Artist:
Forbidden Plant is a project made by two members, Leon Gomes (a.k.a.FXor) and Carlos Mota (a.k.a. Dark River).
This two darkpsy composers that joined forces to create their own approach of the style, always bringing new trips for their live presentations with the use of diverse equipment and devices such as guitars, analogue synthesizers, effects pedals, laptops, vinyl records, cds and etc...
The duo joined as Forbidden Plant in 2010, after the production of some tracks as “Dark River vs. FXor”, with the aim to produce. their first album of auctorial work, joining darkpsy and night full on to a touch of psychedelia from the deep of the Amazon forest, along with the use of regional sounds and noises connected to industrial ones, and guitar lines with modern as well as regional influences.

1) Forbidden Plant - Alien Realm
2) Forbidden Plant - The secret of the flutes
3) Forbidden Plant - Ayahuasca Sunrise
4) Forbidden Plant - Deep Puzzle
(Bonus Track available on CD only)
5) Forbidden Plant - Echological Healing

Limited CD edition
Produced by:  Leon Gomes and Carlos Mota  (Brazil)
Mastered by: Alienature  (UK/ Portugal)
Design by:  3Datadesign  (UK)
 Publish by: Lua Records  (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio  (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store 
Download: Beatport

Bioteq - A shamanic Voyage (EP)

Bioteq - A shamanic Voyage (EP)

Artist: Bioteq
Release Date: 11/10/2010
Genre: Psy Trance
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD0013
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 932342 646612

About the Release:
Versatility, creativity and musical technique are strong denoted in all the sounds produced by Bioteq .
A Shamanic Voyage brings you the vibe for dance and flowing in constant happenings of hot sounds and clean bass lines with a heart beat that no one can stop to move about.
Body and mind are connected to one line of sound that will make you go on and on, by waves of pleasurable moves and transport you into a Shamanic Voyage on the dance floor.

About the Artist:
Bioteq is Kris Wylie a new music producer from Australia with much to revel to the psytrance scene.
Kris start studied music at the Southbank Institute of Technology and earn a Diploma of Music Industry.
From here, he starts to produce psytrance and Dub-step.
Bioteq AKA Kris main music style is Psytrance with a blend of glitchy, full-on, night time and the occasional progressive inserts.

01) Bioteq- Lit bit scary
02) Bioteq - Play ball
03) Bioteq - Purple Party People
04) Bioteq - Sokkas Mushroom
05) Bioteq - Rectangular egg

Limited Edition CD
Produced by:  Kris Wylie  (Australia)
Mastered by: Alienature  (UK/ Portugal)
Design by: Kris Wylie  (Australia)
Publish by: Lua Records  (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio  (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store 
Download: Beatport

Psy4tecks - Restless Dreams

Psy4tecks - Restless Dreams

Artist: Psy4tecks
Release Date: 25/05/2011
Genre: Dark Psy
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD021
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 932342 666692

About the Release:
Restless dreams is the debut album of Psy4tecks directed to the night sounds with Hypnotic Melodies and aggressive leads.
The main ideology for this album composition is to bring back the pure Dark psy, with low bpms and fast leads creating the soo loved psychedelic mind hallucination.
Participation on this release of artists as, "K_lapso" and "Schranz Militia" plus a remix of the track (Attractive Synthesis) from "Tsabeat" spice psy4tecks music production on this release.
Very strong bass lines and sharp beats making this release to be a big promise on the dancefloor for 2011.

About the Artist:
Psy4tecks is Ruben Valente born in Portugal in 1988.
Ruben give the first step's in production when he decided to create the project Psy4tecks.
He describe his style Dark Psychedelic with weird and creepy melodies, aggressive leads and scary atmospheres.
Psy4tecks production is between 148 and 152 BPM .
Ruben has Released tracks in labels as 9Th Circle Records; Wonkay Records; Cryptic Symmetry Records; Random Records and participated in more than 20 VA/s, including 2 EPs "Happy hour cocktail" and "Mental Therapy"
This time Psy4tecks debut album "Restless Dreams" come out from the studios of Lua Records.

01)  Psy4tecks - Shattered Memories
02)  Psy4tecks - Haunted Attraction
03)  Psy4tecks - Restless Dreams
04)  Psy4tecks VS K-lapso - killswitch
05)  K_lapso VS Psy4tecks - Emtobed
06)  Psy4tecks - Paleolithic
07)  Psy4tecks - Lullaby
08)  Tsabeat - Attractive_Synthesis ( Psy4tecks_Rmx )
09)  Psy4tecks VS Schranz Militia - Formula 51

Limited CD edition

Produced by:  Ruben AKA Psy4tecks  (Portugal)
Mastered by: Alienature  (UK/ Portugal)
Design by: Melan Wastage  (Germany)
 Publish by: Lua Records  (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio  (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store 
Download: Beatport

M.Y. Project - Prerojen

M.Y. Project - Prerojen

Artist: M.Y. Project
Release Date: 16/04/2011
Genre: Dark Psy
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD020
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 932342 816349

About The Release:
On this adventure we travel to ancient cultures of the planet earth to enjoy their chants and rituals, we also have an interesting visit to hell to feel about the experiences and ways they are living within our unconscious, so also go to we fly very high to heavenly planets where you can enjoy the sweetest forbidden fruits.
Thanks for fly with M.Y. Project.

About The Artist:
M.Y. Project is Mack Yidhaky.
Mack music production is defined as Ethnic Dark Trance.
M.Y Project is the name that combines 11 years of work in the creation and production of synthesized music with a B.P.M. of high velocity, dark textures, monastic and ritual world songs and instruments from remote ancestral culture around the globe in deep and Full On sounds.
M.Y Project signed international seals from North America and Europe and come now with a new album called "Prerojen" published in England under the label Lua Recs.
The M.Y Live Project (aka Mack Yidhaky) is a profound journey that ranges from hell (unconscious psychic) to heaven (super self, spirituality), also integrates large tribal influences ranging from the aborigines of Australia to the East.
M.Y Project rhythm section is inspired in pre-Columbian traditions.
The maximum of M.Y. Project states...
"from the darkness, only light can do. "

01) M.Y Project - The devils key (the book mix)
02) M.Y Project - el guia
03) M.Y Project - hipper expansion (ohm mix)
04) M.Y Project - emperor of bits 1
05) M.Y Project - Inside you
06) M.Y Project - Panico
07) M.Y Project - from hell to the heaven
08) M.Y Project - tribal heart (Australian mix)
09) M.Y Project - Sumerian alien god 2
10) M.Y Project - As you wish

Limited CD edition
Produced by:  Mack Yidhaky AKA M.Y Project / / (Chile)
Mastered by: Alienature  (UK/ Portugal)
Design by: Mack Yidhaky  (Chile)
 Publish by: Lua Records  (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio  (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store
Download: Beatport

Dramatikart - The Beauty in darkness

Dramatikart - The Beauty in darkness

Artist: Dramatikart
Release Date: 18/03/2011
Genre: Night Full-on
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD019
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 967548 845268

About The Release
"The beauty in darkness" is an album that blends energy environments and sometimes industrial with symphonic choirs and even styles that are heard from the purity found in nature until the last and most sophisticated studio of today.
An album that might look bleak, but nevertheless, identifies more with light than with the darkness.

About The Artists:
Ricardo Oliveira aka dramatikart was born in Leiria 1977. Music has always been a part of his life.
Dramatikart comes into electronic music to compose something unique. Coming from a very musical background, he made part of many heavy metal/ Rock and Gothic bands acquiring a proper musical scene.
Dramatikart compositions are mush based on acoustic and electronic instruments. Channelling a very creative mind, he decides to produce psychedelic Night full-on for many years now.

01) Dramatikart - Intro (Intrology)
02) Dramatikart - Kidding like a child
03) Dramatikart - Out of Runes
04) Dramatikart - Resurrection
05) Dramatikart - Humus (part2)
06) Dramatikart - Old Glory
07) Dramatikart - Neo Veda
08) Dramatikart - Homeless
09) Dramatikart - Delirium
10) Dramatikart - Black winter moon

Limited CD edition
Produced by: Ricardo Oliveira aka dramatikart  (Portugal)
Mastered by: Alienature  (UK/ Portugal)
Design by:  3datadesign  (UK)
Publish by: Lua Records  (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store
Download: Beatport

XzaviDaaz - Creatures of the Night (EP)

XzaviDaaz - Creatures of the Night (EP)

Artist: Xzavidaaz
Release Date: 26/02/2011
Genre: Night psy
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD018
UPC: 967455 237354

About the Release
Creatures of the night as the name say, its an EP directed to all of the night people.
This is a release with night sounds and a feel of strong spirits fly under a dark sky of mystery, promising a night of adventures as all the night creatures like it.
A mixture of Dark Psy and psy tech dissolve the music into a strong dance rhythm only capable to be described by body movements on the dancefloor.
Get ready for the night vibes we all love it.

About the Artists
XzaviDaaz is Anders Mathias a music producer from Sweden.
Anders started playing the piano/keyboard at a very early age.
Always been a fan of electronic music Anders started to make some serious electronic music at the age of 18.
Using simple tools as D.A.W RBB Rebirth 338, later switched to more advanced gear such as Reason, Fruityloops, Ableton.
Right now working with Cubase 5,FL Studio 9.1, Ableton with Div. Vst/Vsti Plugins.
XzaviDaaz made many tracks and participate in many compilations during years production, Gabber, Dance, Trance, Euro, Electro, Hip-hop Beats, Triphop, Salsa Club Influence, Latin Beats / Rhythms, Acoustic music & much more.
This day XzaviDaaz establish his main styles are Psychedelic Trance, Goa, Electro and House.

1) XzaviDaaz - Inner darkness (The Predator)
2) XzaviDaaz - Embryonix
3) XzaviDaaz - Ugly Names & Words
4) XzaviDaaz - The Party Matadore

Limited CD edition

Produced by: Xzavidaaz AKA Anders Mathias   (Sweden)
Mastered by: Alienature  (UK/ Portugal)
Design by: Anders Mathias  (Sweden)
Publish by: Lua Records  (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio  (UK)
Buy CD: 

DaDa Project - Electric City

DaDa Project - Electric City

Artist: DaDa Project
Release: 14 /02/2011
Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Minimal
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD017
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 936547 321875

About the release:
 Electric city is a unique album! Experimental, minimal, progressive music
This (ambient) release was made to amaze music lovers and all the musicians or electronic music. 
It's new, it's fresh...It's old and strange.. Its dada!
The release was all recorded live and later mixed and finalized in the computer.
All the sounds and the basic track was recorded directly from a (discontinued music machine) call *wav DJ* and a Kaossilator.
After all the track recorded (without any synchronizers) into Adobe audition, was transported to Ableton and added some more percussions, synthesizers and FX.
The release was first times played live to some people to perceive reactions. 
Worked as a scientific brain reaction, the music of this cd can listen without any notice from the audience or as a very precise music structure for the most avid listener or ambient experimental music style.
This release will play with your imagination. This music style still in development by the artist.
Firstly this release was to come out from Lua records sub-label (N.C.P Records = No commercial potential) but end up been publish by the main label as N.C.P records still in development.

About the Artist:
DaDa Project AKA Fred is a Portuguese living in UK.
DaDa Project has been evolved with music since ever and his passion for so many different music styles make the artist try to develop a new type of (background = Ambient = experimental = minimal music) 
In the words of the artist: To make the same music as all the others, I rather not do it !
DaDa Project is a freak - Mental music project worked and produced as a musical brain experience wish can cause different reactions to different people ... 
like any other medicine!

1) DaDA Project - Electric City Opus1
2) DaDA Project - Electric City Opus2
3) DaDA Project - Electric City Opus3
4) DaDA Project - Electric City Opus4
Limited Edition CD is available only under direct request to the label.
Produced by: DaDa Project AKA Fred (Portugal)
Mastered by: Alienature @ Lua Records Studio
Design by: Fred (Portugal / UK)
Publish by: Lua Records (UK)
Buy CD: 
Download: Beatport

Sotan - Endless riddle

Sotan - Endless riddle

Artist: Sotan
Release Date: 08 /01/2011
Genre: Night Psychedelic
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD016
Format: CD / Download
UPC: 932342 760994

About The Release:
Endless riddle represents in dark yet illuminating vibes the diversity of the human mind and its reflections under a united spirit of oneness that the artist experienced during transcendental experiences in no other place than Goa.
Very Deep bass lines and atmospheres making this release to be a holy trip to the secret places of your mind and get anyone into a trance state, archive by the guide sounds of Sotan visions of forests and divinity's unveiled transcendental experiences.

 About the Artist:
A 20 years cocktail of musical experiences resulting in a blast of modern celestial sounds.
Sotan is Sotiris Ftaklakis a rebellious soul from the island of Rhodes, Greece.
Rebellious in times when dancing is healing and music the cure.
Always a loyal member of the electronic music scene started producing music in 2006 with an aim to offer his experiences in the electronic format that he loved.

Mother India has been the leading point in his decision to start manifesting his dreams.
The aura of the location and the people he met, loved and associated with, helped him shape his project.
His philosophy has always been to make people let loose while embarking on a colourful journey.
Sotan intention is to create music for those who know that psychedelic music is more than just a scene.
Since 2010 Sotan has released in labels such as Shiva rec, Progress, New Era, Ambiosphere and Cubic.
Again, sotan open the doors of the musical perception, this time from Lua Records Label adopting one of the best promising works to start this year of 2011.

1) Sotan - Thunder Trip
2) Sotan - Dead People
3) Sotan - Laughing Dream
4) Sotan - Hindrance of Mind
5) Sotan - Shadows Behind
6) Sotan - Scarface
7) Sotan - Creepy Vipe
8) Sotan - Dark Theory
9) Sotan - Day Spirits

Limited CD edition
Produced by: Sotiris Ftaklakis Aka Sotan  (Greece)
Mastered by: Alienature  (UK/ Portugal)
Design by: Mila  (France)
Publish by: Lua Records  (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio   (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store
Download:  Amazon

Special Thanks to:
Roussos, who baptist me, My Mom, Friends, and Lua Records, who support me in music,
George my friend who wrote me my texts and of course Anna for some names.

Toys-R-Nutz - Lost in the Pancake

 Toys-R-Nutz - Lost in the Pancake

Label: Lua Records
Artist: Toys-R-Nutz
Genre : Progressive / Night
Format: CD Lua Records
Download: Beatport
Release Date: 11 /2008
Catalogue NLUARCD006
UPC: 932342 430781

Once upon a time, There was a little man called Johan. He was lost in the Forest with the Moonshine bottle.. When a strange man walked up to him and said :
"My name is Claudio and I'm going to make you dance like a little bitch, but first we need to make some strange fucked up tunes... and as my slave, you are going to help me !"
And That's how Toys-R-Nutz was born  

Toys-R-Nutz are Johan wernborg and Claudio Carlsson. Johan comes from a small town called Töreboda and moved to Stockholm in 1998. Claudio is from Gothenburg, he Moved to Stockholm in 2006 to go to a Music school called "Kuturama" For 2 years Claudio learning everything there about Music Production.
Johan and Claudio are making music for 4 years. They join in 2007 to make a track "You are in my underwear". Happy with the final results, they didn't stop to make tracks together.
Toys-R-Nutz played live in basecamp Festival one and two in malmö (Stockholm) with M.E.E.O, BEHIND BLUE EYES, IBOJIMA and PUSHERSTREET.
The Duo have Calling the attention of many people for the subtitle groovy Dark sounds, as they call "DarkTroll PsyTrance". In 2008 Toys-R-Nutz Join L.U.A-Records.

Toys-R-nutz music is a big mix of psy styles, they work their music from progressive to full-on and still keeping their sound dark and Groovy.  On their own style, Lost in the Pancake is a complete cd line-up with fluid tracks, vibe sounds and hearth beats.

1)  Mepsya
2)  Trouble Starter
3)  You are in My Underwear
4)  I Know a Parrot
5)  Junk One
6)  Next Shit
7)  U Look Stupid
8)  Magic Toe Nail
9)  What are you Reading for?

Limited Edition CD
Production and Mastered by: Johan wernborg and Claudio Carlsson  (Stockholm)
Cover Design By Toys-R-Nutz  (Stockholm)
Publish by: Lua Records  (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio (UK)
Buy CD:  Lua Records Store (UK)
Download: Beatport

Toys-R-Nutz - Lost in The Pancake, Toys-R-Nutz - Lost in The Pancake

Nero - Psychotic Romaniac (EP)

Nero - Psychotic Romaniac (EP)

Label:  Lua-Records
Artist:  Nero
Genre: Psy Trance
Format: CD & Download
Download:  Major Digital Shops
Release Date: 07/2008
Catalogue N: LUARCD003
UPC: 932342645291

In the time Nero Claudius Caesar was the
Emperor, we have the power of Art, Theater and Party. People sing and
dance in the streets showing happiness and giving good energy to the
The city of Rome.
In the Year Roma burned (64 AC), Nero thought was a
big party outside, he picks his Harp and goes out to the street to sing
and play, while Roma burn.

(extract from the satire philosopher Lucius Annaeus Cornutus)

About the Release:
Full on and Psy, Nero notice the urgency to make music with the basic ideology of the Parties. Funny Samplers, Twisted baselines and working with sounds designed to make you dance, whatever is your mood, state or musical preferences.
Psychotic Romaniac is an EP that will give you the party vibes, the mood for a dance and will make you smile from the cover to the end of the last track.

About the Artist:
Joao de Menezes Nero, is a Portuguese Producer with many influences in music styles and have been producing music for 12 years.
From that time, Parties have been changed and become more civilized but the spirit of Party still maintain the same purpose, Joy, Fun, Laugh and Dance!
Under the same Principle Idea, Nero (the Artist) wants to reflect in this CD, what parties are really about
on our days...Fun and Dance!

1) Nero Claudius Cesar
2) Insanity
3) Big Boom
4) Run Cause Daddy is Coming
5) Control the Machine
6) Hello (Bonus Track)

Limited Edition CD Edition
 Production by: Joao de Menezes Nero  (Portugal)
Master by: Mark@SoundMagus Studio  (UK)
Cover Design By Fred  (UK)
Edited by: Lua Records  (UK)
Promoted by:  Trance Moon Radio  (UK)
Buy CD:  Lua Records Store (UK)
Download: Beatport

Nero - Psychotic Romaniac EP, Nero - Psychotic Romaniac EP

Tommy Bomb - The future sound of Dance (EP)

Tommy Bomb - The Future sound of Dance (EP)

(R.I.P Tommy Bomb)

Label : Lua Records
Artist : Tommy Bomb
Genre : Trance / Club
Format : 
Download : 
Release Date : 03/2008
Catalogue N : LUARCD004
UPC N : 932342784532

About the Release:
The future sound of dance is as the name explains as Dance club cd directed to the dance floor.
Cream sounds and flying notes with chanty voices for a relax but danceable atmosphere.

About the Artist:
Tommy Bomb taught himself  how to mix, at 16 he was matching the beats so well that everyone he knew wanted a copy of the tapes he made. At the age of 23, as a fluke he sent a tape of his mixes to the program director at Brooklyn Radio station b91(wkrb).He got a call and was in the mix Saturday nights. Then he decided to learn how tracks were laid down/mixed, so he went to audio engineering school.

After that,he was taught midi by profile records producer Charlie Cohn. Later on, he started producing and mixing his own jams, even re-mixes of songs he felt needed some changing to work well in the clubs.

Tommy has also been servicing "the worldwide record pool,( as well as the long island record pool, in which he is a member with his original tracks and vocal remixes, and has helped his director with the monthly charts In the Past as well.

Currently, Tommy Bomb is Focusing on Producing, Mixing and Remixing His Original Club Tracks and Remixes that are being Played on Radio Stations and in Clubs in America, Germany, France, Australia, Ibiza and Other Location's as well.
Dj/Mixer/Producer/Remixer has been throwing down the mix for a long time. He mixed it up on 3 radio stations "Party 105.3",wxxp , B91 wkrb and most Recently, He Was Asked to "Mix it Up" on Internet-Station "Party 967", The First time Tommy Mixed on
"Party 967" they wanted his Mix-Set to be nothing but Tommy's Dance/Club/Trance Productions/Mixes from start to finish...
The Feed Back was "Unbelievable" for Tommy's set.
From "MADISON WHOS WHO" Tommy has Received Five Awards, Including a Cut Glass "MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD" Productions and Mixes: Dj Tommy Bomb
Tommy Bomb Tracks Recorded at"In The Mixx Studio" New York. 

1) The Last Day
2) Universe
3) The Power
4) Generation DJ
5) You can Dance
6) The Coalition Connection

Limited Edition
Publish by: Lua-Records (UK)

Cover design: Tommy Bomb (US)
Promoted By: Trance Moon (UK)
 Mastered by: Alienature @ LUAR Studio (UK)
 Publish by: Lua Records (UK)
 Buy CD:  Lua Records Store
Download: All download stores


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