Q.P.A - Alien Inspiration (EP)

Q.P.A - Alien Inspiration Neo Goa inception (EP) 

Artist: Q.P.A
Release Date: 12/03/2012
Genre: Psy Trance / Neo Goa
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD023
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 932342 867587

About the Release:
The anti-industrial adoption of advanced electronic music technology for the healing of a planet gone insane.
The infinite cosmic party welcomes everybody for a grand experience of unity and peace... forever...
The psychedelic patterns, rhythms and melodies in this sonically detailed production by QPA are inspired by the Goa psytrance music concept. Though, of course, mixed with a good portion of QPA's original sound.
A production is suitable for the festival dance floor, clubs, as well as for listening only.

About the Artists:
When QPA came in contact with the psychedelic subculture it inspired him to investigate its most vital part, namely the music.
He soon discovered that psychedelic trance music represents so much more than what you can hear.
To Qubenzis Psy Audio it represents a symbiosis of nature, technology, spirituality and music.
A kind of electronic shamanism. A high tech Gnostic search for inner self in connection with the Universe at large.
It's all in the music... just dance.
Alien Inspiration / Neo Goa Inception is the third release of  QPA
Not only... Qubenzis Psy Audio has been in music for many years producing other music styles, including samples and loop packs for many artists and own production.

Q.P.A promo banner, Q.P.A promo banner

01) Q.P.A - Spread The Word - 144Bpms
02) Q.P.A - Confirmed Alien - 141Bpms
03) Q.P.A - Another Alien Creature - 144Bpms
04) Q.P.A - Second Inception - 145Bpms
05) Q.P.A - First Drop - 145Bpms
Total time: 39 minutes

Limited Edition CD
Produced by:   Q.P.A   www.qubenzis.com  (Spain/Sweden)
Mastered by: Alienature  www.trancemoon.com (UK/ Portugal)
Design by: Q.P.A  www.qubenzis.com (Spain/Sweden)
Publish by: Lua Records  www.lua-records.com (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio  www.trancemoon.com (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store  www.lua-records.com/shop-1.html
Download: Beatport 


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