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Nero - Psychotic Romaniac (EP)

Nero - Psychotic Romaniac (EP)

Label:  Lua-Records
Artist:  Nero
Genre: Psy Trance
Format: CD & Download
Download:  Major Digital Shops
Relese Date: 07/2008
Catalogue N: LUARCD003
UPC: 932342645291

In the time Nero Claudius Caesar was the
Emperor,we have the power of Art,Theater and Party. People sing and
dance in the streets showing happiness and giving good energy to the
city of Rome.
In the Year Roma burned (64 AC), Nero thought was a
big party outside, he pick his Harp and go out to the street to sing
and play, while Roma burn .

(extract from the satire philosopher Lucius Annaeus Cornutus)

About the Release:
Full on and Psy, Nero notice the urgency to make music with the basic ideology of the Parties. Funny Samplers, Twisted base lines and working with sounds designed to make you dance ,whatever is your mood, state or musical preferences.
Psychotic Romaniac is an EP that will give you the party vibes, the mood for dance and will make you smile from the cover, to the end of the last track.

About the Artist:
Joao de Menezes Nero, is a Portuguese Producer with many influences in music styles and have been producing music for 12 years.
From that time, Parties have been changed and become more civilized but the spirit of Party still maintain the same purpose, Joy, Fun, Laugh and Dance !
Under the same Principle Idea, Nero (the Artist) wants to reflect in this CD, what parties are really about
on our days....Fun and Dance !

1) Nero Claudius Cesar
2) Insanity
3) Big Boom
4) Run Cause Daddy is Coming
5) Control the Machine
6) Hello (Bonus Track)

Listen Samples online:

Limited Edition CD Edition
 Production by: Joao de Menezes Nero www.myspace.com/salvatoree2  (Portugal)
Master by: Mark@SoundMagus Studio  www.soundmagus.co.uk  (UK)
Cover Design By: Fred  (UK)
Edited by: Lua Records  www.lua-records.com  (UK)
Promoted by:  Trance Moon Radio  www.trancemoon.com  (UK)
Buy CD:  Lua Records Store www.lua-records.com/shop-1.html (UK)
Download: Out in all download stores

Nero - Psychotic Romaniac EP, Nero - Psychotic Romaniac EP
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