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Lua Records - Psychedelic Electronic Music Label


Lua Records is a Psychedelic underground Label based in UK, started in 2006.
Our Label is directed to record talented upcoming psychedelic music producers.

Luar is born from Trance Moon Radio.
Luar and Trance Moon focus in Psychedelic electronic music, editing and Promoting talented music producers from around the world.

We are proud of our work and we like to instigate new producers to bring us new ideas and musical forms, for a always growing Psychedelic electronic music evolution.

As a Unique concept, Lua Records makes an exclusive manufacture of 100 limited CD copies for each release.
This concept of limited CD Edition works as a matter of Ideology, as it is not necessary to produce 1000s of CDs when the market is now totally direct for the Download side of music.

For this reason, Lua Records is following the Evolution of the facts and keep as unique for Editing, Manufacturing and Selling our own Limited CD Editions in a time when Digital editions are transforming the music direction around the web.

Luar believes in Creativity and Originality, having with this an open mind and knowledge of current music trends.

Lua Records is an idependent label with a special interest in social matters and use music as a tool to spread awareness about important facts in society that are not in favour of all of us. We are not politic minded or connected with any organization . We belive in freedom, Unity and equality to the world.
Read more here: Lua Records magazine interview - 05/05/2010

As a Psychedelic Record label, it has its focus in Psychedelic Electronic Music.

Lua Records thanks to all Artists ,friends and listeners for supposting our Label

Lua-Records 2006 / 2010


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