Q.P.A - Psychedelic Freedom

Q.P.A - Psychedelic Freedom


 Q.P.A creatively explores and expands ideas about what psychedelic trance music is about. A powerful psytrance musical journey bringing you through both dark and light soundscapes. A fusion of electronic dance music aimed for those who are intelligence craves more than just a thumping beat. Lua Records is proud to bring you psychedelic freedom produced by Qubenzis Psy Audio.

Artist: Q.P.A AKA Qubenzis Psy Audio
Release: Psychedelic Freedom
Genre: Psy Trance/Night Psy
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD030
Release Date: 10/06/2013
Format: CD and Download
UPC: 932342534427

Lua Records Proud present the 30th release of the label by bringing an already know artist from the psytrance scene who delight us with a refined musical production.

Psychedelic Freedom Ideology:
Psychedelic Freedom equals the by birth inherited the right to be in charge of one's own mind.
To freely explore your own mind without interference by external intruders of any kind. The right to remain loving, happy and peaceful within.
To try to expand one's mental capabilities is a right and, possibly, almost a must, in order for personal, spiritual and societal evolution to occur. Psychedelic = Mind expansion, altered consciousness or a type of Mind "delirium"
If anybody tries to mess with your mind through whatever means they are violating the basic right to Psychedelic Freedom. This can be done in several ways like TV brainwash, subliminal advertising, dis-information, artificially induced post-traumatic stress, deliberately induced stress of any kind, nor consented intake of mind inhibiting psychopharmaceuticals (like the chlorine in the drinking water), or any other activity that will fully induce a delusive inner (or outer) world view on a fellow sentient living entity.
We are all perfectly entitled to remain loving, content and peaceful within.

About the Artist:
Qubenzis Psy Audio aka Ricky Mard, originally from Sweden is the human power behind the Qubenzis Project!  When Q.P.A came in contact with the psychedelic subculture it inspired him to investigate more about this music style.
To Qubenzis Psy Audio psytrance represents a symbiosis of nature, technology, spirituality and music, a kind of electronic shamanism or a high tech Gnostic search for inner self in connection with the Universe.
Not only... Qubenzis Psy Audio has been in music for many years producing other music styles, including samples and loop packs for many artists and own production.
He is An artist, musician, DJ and sound designer who creatively explores and expands ideas about what psychedelic trance music can be. A powerful musical journey with a fusion of electronic dance music aimed for psytrance listeners whose intelligence craves more than just a thumping beat.


01 - Vimana Journey
02 - Little Psychedelia
03 - Magic Harvest
04 - Suspended Reality
05 - Got it Already
06 - Panpsychism  (free download)
07 - Human Harvest Remix
08 - My Alien Planet

Booking Artist:

Limited Edition CD Available only from Lua Records website
Write and Produced by: Q.P.A AKA Ricky - http://www.qubenzis.com (Sweden / Spain)
Mastered by: Alienature @ LUAR Studio (UK) - www.lua-records.com (Portugal/UK)
Graphics by: Criativity103 - www.creativity103.com (UK)
Publish by: Lua Records - www.lua-records.com (UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio - www.trancemoon.com (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store - www.lua-records.com/shop-1.html (UK)
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