Dartchaday - Organic Moon

Dartchaday - Organic Moon

Lua Records Label
The project Dartchaday represents a mix of trance with dashes of night Full On and rhythms of Goa Trance, falling melodies intertwined with the bassline, powerful kick and rhythmic percussions were been worked skilfully to make the dance floor in a higher state of mind.

Artist: Dartchaday
Release: Organic Moon
Genre: Psy Trance / Full on
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD029
Release Date: 27/05/2013
Format: CD & Download
UPC: 932342112434

Dartchaday AKA Paulo Avelar, a native of Lisbon, Portugal.
His interest in psychedelic trance music production only began in 2000 and since then Paulo spent the most part of his time locked in his studio perfecting and learning numerous techniques and concepts for musical production exchanging ideas with various producers and receiving incentives from several friends to launch a more serious project... In 2007 Dartchaday project was started.

Since then Dartchaday launched his first track on "VA/Trance Fix Mix" released by dPulse Europe.
Soon Dartchaday closes contract with EML Recordings, UK, where he released his first EP "Other Signs" in 2011 and contributed a song to the "VA/Psygressive Beats" also on EML Rec.
First participation of dartchaday on Lua Records Label appear by invitation of Nero (Lua Rec *IN HOUSE* Artist) Dartchaday work on a new song with Nero for later to be released on Emphapsyphazer album "Psy cartunes" Published by LUA Records.
Since then, Dartchaday keep a closer connection with Lua Records and started to prepare this excellent upcoming release to be published by the label.

Buy @ https://www.beatport.com/release/organic-moon/1080636

1.Clockwork [148bpm]
2.Organic Moon [148bpm]
3.And Girls [146bpm]
4.Space Weather[146bpm]
5.Insane now [148bpm]
6.Morpheus [147bpm]
7.Magic Cube [147bpm]
8.Joker V3 [147bpm]
9.umbrella corporation [145bpm]


Limited Edition CD Available only from Lua Records website
Produced by: Dartchaday AKA Paulo Avelar - www.facebook.com/pauloChaday (Portugal)
Mastered by: Alienature @ LUAR Studio (UK) - www.lua-records.com (UK)
Design by: Criativity103 - www.creativity103.com (UK)
Publish by: Lua Records - www.lua-records.com (Portugal/UK)
Promoted by: Trance Moon Radio (UK)
Buy CD: Lua Records Store (UK)
Download: Beatport

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